I am so sorry for being away for a while without telling anyone. When I was away, I needed to take out time to do something on my computer, so I sought a quiet place. while I was there, this was what I encountered and I thought it was an experience to share.

Bimpe, please I just have to say this, I know I have spoken about it twice or so but I have to do it again. You are my best friend and I cannot watch you go on like this. This guy is distracting you, can’t you see it? You have stopped singing! Remember, every time you open your mouth to sing, things change. People come looking for you to appreciate you for saving them from drowning, from suicide, from taking a wrong turn…and every time it happens, there is that light in your eyes. You are happy and things work out. But now, this guy doesn’t even give you time for yourself, for anything that you are interested in, talk less of pursing your dream …He has tampered with your love for God, your relationship with God no longer functions… (She heaved a sigh and held the hands of her friend, looking into her eyes; she opened her mouth to say more…) Bimpe, you have changed, you ….

I was sitting in a corner where this conversation was happening, the friends were oblivious of that fact so I stayed still. But when Bimpe responded to her friend, I almost gave myself out.

Tolu, please stop…stop this ranting, I beg you (Tolu, flinched surprisingly. Bimpe removed her hand from her friend’s, got up looked into Tolu’s eyes and dropped the bomb shell) It is my life, I can do with it what I wish. Who are you to judge me? Who are you to judge my relationship with God? How dare you Tolu.How… (Tolu, tries to interrupt)

This time, I wanted to turn and peep, it is not satisfying enough to eavesdrop, so as I shifted, my chair cringed and the friends looked back but they were not interested in their new discovery, especially Bimpe.

Bimpe, I am not judging you, I am simply… (She gets up, tries to place her hand on her friend’s back but Bimpe moves away with irritation written all over her face). Please try to understand me, I am just trying…

TOLU! (raising her voice) I don’t want to hear anymore…I have said it and I will say it again……I will do with my life whatever I want. It is my LIFE…. (She storms out with a loud hiss.) (Tolu is dumbfounded, she couldn’t move…Then, she remembers the person around who is looking at her now. So, she starts to walk away even though her feet were heavy)

I finally had the guts to turn around, well … not to eavesdrop anymore but Bimpe’s lines were coming back so strongly, the echoes were so loud… ‘I WILL DO WITH MY LIFE WHATEVER I WISH’. I was just too shocked to think. I sat there for a while and this was what was going on in my mind.

You cannot do with your life what you wish except you have the power to operate the air you breathe. You are too unsure about the next second of your life to hold on to it without giving it serious thoughts. Life is meaningless according to Solomon. He says “… life is a chasing after the wind”. So how come statements like ‘I can do with my life what I wish’ comes out from people’s lips without thoughts.

This is what baffles me the most in that conversation, “This guy is distracting you. Can’t you see it? You have stop singing. Remember, every time you open your mouth to sing, things change. People come looking for you to show appreciation for saving them from drowning, from suicide, from taking a wrong turn…and every time it happens, there is that light in your eyes”.

Here is my take on this, I also do not have the right to judge anyone, I have got weaknesses like you everyone but I have also learnt that we have been given so that we can be a give. We can’t ignore the gift or choose to do with it what we wish. The gift is a tool for humanity, it is a gift given for a purpose. A vessel cannot serve itself; its fulfillment is in meeting other people’s need. Your life is not about you so is mine not about me! We have been sent for a reason! It is our assignments to find out what to do with our gifts and when we do, get down to work. Don’t consult your feelings, don’t ask for opinions from your current situation and don’t take advice from those who have not been down that road.

Wake up my dear friend, smell the brewing coffee. You are uncontainable, there is too much on your inside to live an ordinary life. You are God’s special product … God’s image … God’s look alike …. How can you be here for being here sake? You are too loaded to be a WASTE! YOU ARE PRICELESS!