Happy New Hair!

happy hair 2

On Monday, January 4, 2016, I made my hair. Yes, I did and it was beautiful. It was and still is because my husband said so. I rushed into this cute mini salon across my house on a late evening to put my hair together in readiness for work the next day. It took about an hour thirty minutes. Afterwards, I strolled in to quickly prepare some food for my family. Apparently, my husband had just made hot white rice and brought out the stew and vegetable from the freezer. I was really grateful to him for helping out, only that he just left the frozen rice accompaniment beside the sink…meaning, Seyi, I don’t know what to do about these stuff…will you please sort this part yourself?

Anyway, I was still thankful to a sweet man, many men do noble things but this sweetheart surpasses them all…

Sorry to veer off. When I got to the door that night, my husband opened the door for me and I realized that he was just standing there with a wide grin, with shinning cute eyes staring at me after I had stepped in, the hair actually gave me a new look. It was still not a big deal to me but it was to my dear.
While he awoke from his amazement, I went about doing good concerning the stone cold vegetable and stew. As I moved around the house, I noticed times without number that my husband was staring at me which made me a bit uncomfortable, a good feeling it is.

This made me wonder and wander; I wandered far from the present. I sojourned to a place I usually go when I get this feeling ‘the good uncomfortable feeling’. It is a good place, don’t be scared, lol.
I came out with this, if I did straw curls and my husband is this tripped because I stepped out of my comfort hair zone (braids), he is intrigued by this new look and can’t keep his eyes off me. So I asked myself, what little thing or step or action will I take as regards my relationship with God that will make Him pleased with me as my husband is? What can I do for God that can make his heart beat? Or better still, what am I doing about situations around me that can make God glad and smile at me.

What if we start thinking this way? Stop complaining and start touching our world by tweaking things here and there, by stepping out and forward in repping God, by being the best we can be in everything assigned to us or just by working on having a functional relationship with our big daddy – God.

There is so much we can do to change the world, to change lives, to affect our society… one thing as simple as anything is to be the change we want to see.

Just Be!