why 7

Hmm! That’s me heaving a sigh. I sometimes sigh in defeat when I am at the verge of quitting. Millions of thoughts cross my mind on a daily basis…thoughts as these…Will you ever crack this stuff? Will you ever stop being broke? Will you ever stand out? Will you ever do anything extraordinary? Is there anything you can do well? You may not be able to do as much …you need to consider the current state of your health…you are not as qualified, you are not as strong… you are not as pretty…you are not as intelligent there is nothing extraordinary about you, you are just ordinary person…. just stick with that…

halt 6

Haltttttttttt!!!!! I am about to go crazy if I don’t consciously stop these thoughts. Other times I do more than stop these thoughts, I speak out in opposite direction (positive confessions), I get on my feet and go about those ‘impossibles’. I go back to whatever I have failed at and try again. Oh please, is it that simple? someone asks…No, it is not as easy. No, it is not as easy at all! And that is why I am sitting before my computer at 10:33 this morning scribbling as fast as I can what has helped me to stay positive, what has helped me progress, what has helped me face those issues and particularly what has helped me stay sane!

First thing is to Desire, and then ask! That’s it? Yes, that’s it my friend. Just desire not to remain in the same situation and then ask for help. Help from whom? Ask God at every point in time to help you.

What does God have to do with this? God has everything to do with everything. He is a professional in using misfits to achieve great feats. I discovered in Rick Warren’s Purpose driven life’, that all the people God used for exploits in the bible are like you and I. They’ve got weakness, they have failed before and the have walked these paths before. Check out what Rick discovered…’Abraham was old, Jacob was insecure, Leah was unattractive, Joseph was abused, Moses stuttered, Gideon was poor, Samson was co-dependent, Rahab was immoral, David had an affair amongst numerous family problem, Elijah was suicidal, Jeremiah was depressed, Jonah was reluctant, Naomi was a widow, John the Baptist was eccentric, Peter was impulsive and hot tempered, Martha worried a lot, the Samaritan woman had several failed marriages, Thomas doubted, Paul had poor health, Timothy was timid….’

misfit 2

These are misfits but God used each of them in his service and He can and will use you too if you stop making excuses, if you stop letting negative thoughts take over, if you turn over to God, if you rely and depend totally on Him and importantly if you develop a functional relationship with Him.

Your weaknesses are tools for exploits in God’s hands…don’t give up and don’t give in!
Be the best you can and stay positive!




“Hurry Seyi…” That’s my husband hastening me up one morning while I was dressing up for work. So in a bid to do as asked, as fast I could, I donned a lemon shade of green blouse with a leaf green flat foot wear, as I picked my earrings and bangle…I was a little hesitant because I was donning different shades of green which is not the usual mode in vogue….and then it dawned on me that life is green.

Since the colour ‘green’ symbolizes life, its shades too may symbolize some things….say seasons, levels, grades, phases or times of life. My focus is not on the meaning on the different kinds of green; my focus is on the different stages of life that we are and what we do per time. It is also pertinent that we do a little exploration on what the colour ‘green’ symbolizes and also exhibit some shades of the colour. Let’s go take a peep … …

GREEN is balance and harmony. GREEN is hope – anticipation of things to come. GREEN is growth, relief, renewal, rebirth, restoration. GREEN is prosperity and abundance. GREEN is nurture, fertility. GREEN in shades – Pale, Emerald, Jade, Lime, Dark, Aqua, Olive, Grass, Yellow … … …

We are here today, tomorrow we aspire to be there, we get there and then, aspire again to be elsewhere. Life is in phases and men are in sizes. All shades of green symbolize the different states of man’s feelings, attitudes and emotions. They also symbolize the different stages of life we find ourselves. Some shades of green connote positive energy while some, negative energy.

Importantly, green is all about balance in life. Have I asked you where you are in life or better still what stage of life you are in? Are you abound or abase? Are you comfortable or struggling, happy or sad, wealthy or poor…Are you climbing, in between goals, amidst survival…whatever state of life you are right now, I just need you to know and believe that you are on your way to your ‘there’. Nothing or no one can stop you. Only if you embrace a functional relationship with God and replace the word GREEN with LIFE while you ponder on this few lines below:

Green is God …
He makes me lie down in green pastures…. He leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my soul. He guides me in the path of righteousness for His name’s sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me…

There is no GREEN without God. His complexion is Green … (Lol) *winking*
Have a GREEN life, Have a GOOD one!



One cold morning, I felt a soft tap on my arm, I just re-adjusted my sleeping position and pulled my duvet above my ears. Just before I slipped further in my sleep, I felt the tap again…This time I was angry, I bat my eyes open to see who or what was troubling my sweet sleep.  It was my mother’s eye I saw gaping down at me with mixed emotions.  I got up slowly, trying to understand her expression and the reason why she was in my room at 5am. I thought I was on holiday and I could sleep till 7am, afterwards, get to eat breakfast with my siblings at the table. Just before I concluded that thought…..it came rushing down…. events of the day before.

My father believes so much in communication. So, whenever there was a situation at home, he calls a meeting. If the situation bothers him through the night, he gets up before dawn to call a meeting. This time, it was me, I was the situation. I had just finished my secondary school education and I had come home with a result that spelt a woeful future. In simple terms, I failed almost all my subjects.

Please don’t ask me what I was thinking and don’t give me that look. Youthful exuberance has its rewards. That’s my reward for not being conscious of what I was in school for. I wasn’t even sure of who I was and what I represented.

He usually starts with a short prayer. This particular meeting, after prayers, he asked me what my next plan was, since, all my mates who had passed were on their way to university. I looked down at my palms and spoke quietly, my sibling sitting close by could barely hear me…”Will you speak up or you want me to slap that mouth of yours? Is this the time to keep quiet? After spending so much on school fees, support you, provide you the best and you return with such disgracing result, and can’t even speak up for me to hear…. you better speak up or I will teach how to”, he shouted.

I sat there trembling and startled; I haven’t seen my father this angry before, especially at me. So I tried harder to speak up, I was ashamed and full of guilt and as I spoke I met my mother’s eyes filled with tears as the clouds when it’s about the rain. “I will re-enroll’, I said

That’s what dad needed to hear, though angry and spoke more angry words. He steered the wheel in motion as he always does. He started to make new plans with strategies, he asked me some questions, he asked for some truth…he asked me if I knew what was responsible for that result and what I think can be done. He also asked me if there are things I expected from him and my mum as parents….. I answered all his questions. He then did what was the most important thing and that is what has kept me bound to him till this day. He encouraged me. He told me that I have capacity, he told me I have gifts, he told me I could become the successful person he sees since from infant. He supported all his words with pictures, stories and illustrations from the neighborhoods, families, and friends. Finally, he told me to choose what path to thread. He dismissed everyone by telling my mum his schedule for the day.

One of the easiest things in life is to fall and one of the most difficult things to do in life is to stand up… Getting back on the wagon is not exactly the issue here; the issue is the process it takes to get back up. The decision to get up or not is one thing, making it up again is another thing.

For me, my biological father is my greatest motivator. He makes sure he is the first contact after the fall. He believes in talking it out, which is the first process of healing. He fills your entirety with the right words. He won’t allow any other thing sink except his, and his message is usually the same. “There is no big deal in falling; the big deal is not to stay fallen”.

You may not have a biological father or mother who can do what my father does. But I am sure you can choose the people you allow into your world, you can choose your  friends, you can choose the right environment, you can choose your mentor, you can choose your words, you can choose what goes into you (what you read, watch, hear). These are the things that determine getting up and also staying up.  Importantly, being in a functional relationship with God is the ultimate. The process will fail again if you leave Him out.

Today’s a new day, there are blue skies….  Try again!


The best gift you can ever give somebody or be given is a “watch me do it” gift. No one wants to stay behind a parked car. Follow someone who keeps moving. Learn from someone who’s been where you want to be, ask questions, learn from their mistakes, collapse their years of experience by reading their lives, books, journals, biographies. Experience is not necessarily the best teacher, my mentor would say, you can do in one year what others did in ten years just by applying the wisdom. Bishop T.D Jakes said some time ago, “…GLEAN BEHIND THE REAPERS!” (That’s Ruth’s story in the bible.)


“When you hear things that discourage you or depress your spirit, without hesitation, respond by speaking words that fortify your spirit. It is warfare! Do not let discouraging words of unbelief settle in your heart where you start meditating over what was said. DON’T LET THE EGGS HATCH IN YOUR SOUL!”

I actually read that on a friend’s page some days back and i took the pain to copy it out so i can share with you. We probably don’t know the power or the effectiveness of words in our lives, especially the ones you speak. I will tell you this; words formed the universe, formed you and i, formed whatever you see that makes you marvel….

But it can never work for you if it is misused, if your words conflict, if you still speak words because they are in vogue or because they make you feel good before your friends. It means the fountain where your words springs from is founded on a brick of confusion. You have to be consistent to be the words that you say, you have to speak positive words. You cannot generate positive and negative words at the same time. You have to be consistent, so consistent that you counter alien words. Your words will either make you or mar you, you are your words!

Stay Positive, Speak Life!