A Thought Away!

Turn the pages of news papers, flip on the television, get on a bus or pose at a news paper stand and all one gets is one bad news after the other, displays and shows of shame, manifestation of shallow minded, mentally lazy individuals who turn out to be at the nation’s hem of affairs. I just seem frustrated at the pace at which values and ideals are being thrown out of the window without any shrug. It happens every day, and then I complain every day, and then I find people like me who do nothing but make random comments and make competitive and impressing conversations out the whole mess.

So I asked myself if I have been a contributor to the way things have been or if I made a difference in my environs…has anyone been influenced by my being: by the reason of the fact that I exist… So, this soul search continued till I heard this  from a father– TD JAKES. He took me on a journey that teaches me that I have to be the change and this can only happen through my thoughts. I can erect and pull down through my thoughts.

The intangible is what determines the tangible; our thoughts are what we have become over time. There is a nose diving, dumping down of ideas in today’s world. We sit up for hours watching people doing reality shows and obscene music videos. The people who are schooled to do creative things as drama, dance, writing and the likes are searching all over the place for jobs. It is the lack of ideas, thoughts, strategies, and experiences that has put this generation in the state it is. People do not feed on positive minds anymore. We have a generation that doesn’t produce anything; we are just famous for being ‘cute’. Popular for for being a consumer. The truth is, When ideas stop, economies, buildings, corporations, businesses, industries, conglomerate and ministries stops!

Thoughts become realities. You are one thought away from the greatest experience you have ever had. If you can think, you can change, move, evolve, grow, become… You are just one thought away from that change you dream of, from what you hope for. You can never be better than your thought!

You see, this is a season when you need to get out of the noise and find a peaceful place to get that thought…one thought in a century is enough to change an entire generation. Now, it’s not other people’s thought that make you or mar you. You have to go to a place where you will get your head together because it’s your own thought that becomes reality; it’s your thoughts that creates you; build you…one thought delivers you from hopping around. For me, church is key; that’s where I find sanity, I add up pieces in my life and get going. My friends are key, I don’t loiter around with just anyone. You can’t afford to be in the same place with somebody who has written life off and still think straight, you can’t roam with negative oozing people and think possibilities. Choose you environment, choose your life!

Don’t let anyone mess up with your mind… because that’s your most prized possession, that’s where your thoughts spring from. Your thoughts are your life. Your life, family, and business come from within. So tell me, who are you mingling with?

We are creators because we are created in the likeness of a Creator. We need to be creative to live our lives to its fullest potentials. God doesn’t give anyone finished goods because we need something to create. God didn’t create the automobile, chair, computer… He made gold, iron, steel, tree…..He gives us the raw stuff. He gives us things to think about! So look at yourself and ask what I can do with the stuff that have been given to me, since I don’t get finish goods. Make something out of what’s on your inside. You are just one idea away… You are one idea away from what you saw in your dreams, in your subconscious. You are not waiting on God, God is waiting on you. One thought makes you define yourself from who you are and not who you were.

Words create thoughts. What are you speaking? Words breathe; they become thoughts and become realities. If positive thoughts have power to pull you down, then positive words have power to pull you up. So what do you care about ‘smelly’ talks that people say about you? It is not their thoughts that make you. It is your thoughts that delivers you from what you been through and make you fly into your tomorrow. You are called according to God’s purpose…Dedicate yourself to His purpose and He will sort you out all round because God always pays for what He orders!


I am Oluwaseyi Oniyide. I am a builder; I build esteem, courage, thoughts and perceptions. That’s what I feel strongly about…I do these with words. I believe that you are inspired or challenged positively by these words above, please like,  share this page, and also leave a comment and share your thoughts. Your thoughts shared can save a life, that life makes a generation.
Thank you for stopping by.


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