Meet Adebukola , soon to be Mrs…. *grinning*…… (That’s for another day). ‘Bukola is my colleague at work. I don’t know her for too many things but this much I know. There is a particular thing she does, she is so passionate about it she needs no encouragement. I am sure you are dying to know… BATIK!

Don’t tell me you don’t know anything about BATIK….Ok, ok! I will tell you. Take a ride with me. The word ‘BATIK’ is thought to be derived from the word ‘AMBATIK’ which means ‘a cloth with little dots’. The suffix ‘TIK’ means ‘little dot, a drop, point or to make dots’.

BATIK originates from Javanese word ‘TRITIK ’which describes a resist for dying where the patterns are reserved on textiles by tying and sewing areas prior to dying, similar to tie die techniques…
Batik is an art and a craft. It is simply the art of decorating using wax and dye. Batik is part of an ancient tradition and some of the finest batik cloth in the world is from Java, Indonesia where it has been practiced for centuries.

Hmmm! Lol, did you just take a deep breath? ….. Like, ‘that’s some history’. Hehehe! History is good o! Anyway, this is what I am driving at, you don’t have to do everything to be famous, you don’t need to be any other person to thrive. All you need to do is to get on your inside and find out what makes you tick. There is something that creates sparks within you and there is something that makes bubbles in your belly. There something that brightens your face like sunrise. There is something that you are happy to do even when you are tired and fagged out. That thing you do in spite of the raging storm. That thing that gives you satisfaction, it gives you joy. It puts a smile at the corner of your lips at the close of day. That is it! ….. That is your purpose. That is the tool God has given you to influence your world.

At times a gift may seem insignificant, don’t despise it … if you do…you will keep wandering on earth like a misfit; you will keep asking the question ‘why are things not working or why do I feel unfulfilled’? That small insignificant gift or endowment or talent is your tool for breakthrough.

Adebukola Oyedemi is the CEO of ‘Amoke Aladire Asiko’, she is to me not many things, but this part of her opens up some other aspects of life to me…she invariably teaches me discipline, creativity, patience, consistency, resilience and entrepreneurship…

It is either of two things, it is either you are inspired by this write-up, to go on your knees and ask God for clarity as to what it is He’s placed on your inside, do a soul search or you are interested in patronizing my friend, Bukola … Maybe you want learn or buy some of her art work displayed below. Do not fret; you can reach her via this contact.

Company: Amoke Aladire Asiko

Mobile: 0803 839 9397; 0818 279 4225

Email: bukyem29@yahoo.com

God is the custodian of purpose; Give your life a meaning!





2 thoughts on “WHAT’S ON YOUR INSIDE?

  1. Very inspiring. Amoke keep it up.The sky is never and will not be your limit but the begining. Prince Ademola

  2. The Word Smith is at it again!!! Well done Omidanjesu. It is best to stick with who you are; especially what you are passionate about. Kudos to Amoke Aladire Asiko, hopefully she too will soon become a house-hold name.

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